Hungry for the perfect vacation? We are just as hungry to give it to you. The NEA Hotel is home to the kosher restaurant of Chef Shlomi Nachum, who serves original modern Galilean cuisine that incorporates healthy, creative and surprising culinary dishes. The sitting with other guests, the open kitchen and taboon create a warm, colorful and happy atmosphere for restaurant guests.

The restaurant seats 64 and a balcony seats another 40. Let us surprise, excite and diversify your life through the unique flavors that will take you to distant places – but still feel so Israeli.

So what makes the NEA restaurant so different and surprising in contrast with other hotels?

Pampering – we believe in full service for our guests and prefer serving guests at the table throughout the day. The service experience that we wanted to provide you is thoroughly reflected in the restaurant.

Freshness – fresh and imported raw materials from the nearest market and ocean every day. Galilean cuisine is contemporary and unique, reflecting creative culinary concepts.

Personal connection – the restaurant adopts common seating, facilitating the sense of togetherness in the hotel as well as the forging of personal relationships.

We can write and tell you whatever you want to know. Until you actually taste it, you won’t truly understand. So come taste the Galilee as we at NEA see it. Telephone for reservations: 04-9958888