We are in a race our entire lives. Career. Family. Relationship. Jobs. Travel. Contemplation…hasn’t the time come to step back, place everything aside and simply allows yourselves some peace and quiet?
If you understand what we are talking about, the luxurious NEA Spa is just for you. Worries are left at the door. What awaits you at NEA Spa? Pools – Watsu hydrotherapy pools and indoor heated swimming pools, jacuzzi, dry sauna, 5 treatment rooms, and 23 spaciously designed boutique rooms, relaxation areas nestled in the Galilean surroundings. NEASPA is endlessly inspired by the green Galilee that surrounds the hotel, the treatments that incorporate natural ingredients from the region, including sea water, sand and seaweed, as well as the finest plant extracts and natural oils. Just by reading this, imagine how much calmer you are. Then imagine what you will enjoy once you arrive.

Our green spa offers experiential body treatments, wrap treatments, body peeling, beauty and grooming treatment (soon), an array of hydrotherapies (soon) and particularly luxurious packages. The spa houses 3 large treatment rooms for individuals and 2 treatment room for couples, each of which includes a private jacuzzi.

To preserve the intimate, pleasant and tranquil atmosphere of the facility, the age of guests is restricted to 16 years and older accompanied by an adult.

*Guests staying at the Spa rooms are entitled to one treatment per room per night. Contact the hotel spa to book the treatment.

מלון ניאה ספא
מלון ניאה טיפול אבנים חמות
pleasure מלון ניאה

Experiential Body Treatments

Hot Stone Massage / 60 minutes

390 NIS

Pampering treatment from ancient Indian tradition that combines massages with hot and cold pebbles.

Combined Massage / 50 minutes

340 NIS

Treatment that works on all the senses and combines various massage techniques in a relaxed atmosphere.

Deep Tissue Massage / 50 minutes

320 NIS

Deep, targeted treatment to loosen muscles and stress points in various areas of the body.

Aromatherapy Massage / 50 minutes

290 NIS

Gentle holistic Swedish massage that uses natural ethers that contain special properites.

Swedish Massage / 50 minutes

330 NIS

Classic, basic massage that helps loosen muscles, improve circulatory system and alleviate pain.

Polarity Massage (anti-stress) / 50 minutes

330 NIS

Relaxing massage that alleviates accumulated tension in the muscles at the limbs of the body: hands, legs and head.

Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage / 30 minutes

230 NIS

Intensive, targeted therapy for the upper body.

Reflexology/ 50 minutes

330 NIS

Therapeutic method in which the therapist persses on specific points on the patient’s foot to gain balance and tranquility.

ניאה ספא טיפולים במים 2
ניאה ספא בריכת טיפולים 2

Body Therapies from the Far East

Two-hand Ayurveda / 70 minutes

420 NIS

Traditional Indian therapeutic method that includes gentle peeling using herbal medicines, applying hot sesame oil along the body and pouring hot sesame oil on the forehead.

Two-hand Abhyanga / 50 minutes

340 NIS

Therapy inspired by Indian philosophy that includes applying hot sesame oil along the body in long, gentle movements.

Shiro Dhara/ 30 minutes

230 NIS

Facial and head massage inspired by Ayurveda philosophy that also includes pouring of hot sesame oil on the third eye.

Thai Massage / 50 minutes

340 NIS

Traditional therapeutic method that combines slow stretches and presses. Therapy is performed on a mat in comfortable clothing.

Shiatsu/ 50 minutes

340 NIS

Ancient Eastern tradition that incorporates physical energetic work and stretches along the body.
Therapy is performed on a mat and in comfortable clothing.

ניאה ספא טיפולים במים 3
מלון בוטיק בצפון לזוגות

Body Wraps and Peels

Aloe Vera Wrap / 30 minutes

230 NIS

Body wrap in aloe vera extract designed to heal wounds, treat burns and alleviate pain.

Apricot Seed Peel / 40 minutes

295 NIS

Coffee, active antioxidant, absorbs fluids and makes skin shine. Recommended after pregnancy or diet.

Ocean Peel / 40 minutes

295 NIS

Vigorous massage that involves coconut flakes and aromatic oil to cleanse and treat the skin.

Seaweed Wrap / 40 minutes

295 NIS

Body wrap with seaweed that is rich in minerals. The treatment helps rejuvenate skin cells, balance moisture and leave skin supple.

Beauty and Grooming Treatments (coming soon)

Manicure and pampering for hands / 40 minutes

190 NIS

Manicure, gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells and a warm paraffin mask for renewal and softening of the palms.

Manicure and pampering for the feet / 40 minutes

230 NIS

Pedicure and massage in the feet

ניאה ספא טיפולים 3
ניאה ספא טיפולים 1

Water Therapies (coming soon

Watsu – Shiatsu in Water / 50 minutes

395 NIS

The therapist floats, sails, stretches and cradles the patient in water in a manner that resembles a fetus inside the womb. The quiet of the water, the floating and the movements accompanying the flow and movement in the water create a harmony that only this type of therapy can demonstrate.

Water Dance / 50 minutes

150 NIS per participant

Dancing in the water. Inspired by the Watsu tradition above and below the water allows us to acquire skills on the one hand, and remain relaxed, concentrated and dynamic on the other.
Watsu for pairs.
Shiatsu lessons for couples. The lesson is designed for people interested in learning and giving to their partner the best movements and touches in water.
Minimum 4 participants.

Therapies on the Beach / 20 minutes

100 NIS

For bathers and sunbathers’ convenience on the beach, we offer brief but exhaustive therapies: neck, shoulder and back massage, foot massage, polarity massage, shiatsu, Thai.

Special Packages

Recovery Package

895 NIS

Hydrocolonic (45 minutes), deep tissue massage (50 minutes) and heat massage (30 minutes).

Relaxation Package

655 NIS

Reflexology (30 minutes), Swedish massage (50 minutes) and Shiatsu (50 minutes).

Pampering Package

680 NIS

Body peel (30 minutes), aromatic massage (50 minutes) and classic beauty therapy (60 minutes).

Strengthening Package

799 NIS

Seaweed wrap (30 minutes), deep tissue massage (50 minutes) and Two-hand Aryuveda therapy (60 minutes).

Healing Package

720 NIS

Mud wrap (30 minutes), classic beauty facial treatment (50 minutes), medical massage (50 minutes).

Home Therapy – Near the Ocean

600 NIS

Body scrub with glove and hot towel (30 minutes) and hot stone / Aryuveda therapy (60 minutes).

Regulations of treatments

In order for us to guarantee and give you the best treatment, please note:
– Prices are denominated in NIS and include VAT.
– Entrance to the spa for guests aged 16 and above.
– The spa must be reached about 15 minutes before treatment. In case of delay, the duration of treatment will be shortened.
– It is advisable to arrive in a robe and slippers, shiatsu and Thai treatments in light and comfortable clothing.


The receptionist and caregiver should be informed of medical limitations if treatment is not performed due to a medical restriction that will be adjusted for alternative treatment.


Changing treatment time or type of treatment will be possible up to 4 hours before treatment.
Cancellation of treatment on the same day, will be charged 50% of the amount, non-arrival without notice – will be charged in full.
A guest who has ordered spa treatment is entitled to enjoy all spa facilities.


* The hotel reserves the right to make changes to the menu and the price list at any time.